Happy New Year

Wishing You a Happy & Prosperous Sinhala & Tamil New Year …!!!


The University of Colombo has Seven (7) Faculties with forty three (43) Academic Departments...
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The University of Colombo has a strong commitment towards research. Academics in various ...
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Consultancy, research commercialisation, business incubation and recruitment ...
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The University of Colombo has begun a program to develop strategic international links with ...
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Welcome to the University of Colombo One of South Asia's Top Universities

The oldest University in Sri Lanka, the University of Colombo is a sprawling complex located in the heart of the capital city of Colombo. In keeping with its motto "Buddhi Sarvathra Bhrajate", Sanskrit for "Wisdom Enlightens", the University of Colombo strives to maintain academic excellence in all areas of study. The University of Colombo, which is one of the best South Asian Universities has 7 Faculties with 43 Academic Departments, a Campus, a School, 6 Institutes and several Centres and Units. Many undergraduate and postgraduate study courses in the fields of Arts, Science, Medicine, Management, Finance, Law, Education, IT, Aesthetic Studies. Molecular Biology etc are conducted by the University. The University also offers several other services, such as library services, career guidance, and services for differently-abled students. Today, the University of Colombo with a proud history of over 115 years continues in its endeavour to meet the challenge of maintaining its position as the "Capital University, Modern and International in Outlook and Character". The location of the University affords the student population all the advantages of a "metropolitan university", with easy access to international information/resource centres, libraries, theatres, sports complexes etc.