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Sinhala Text to Speech

Sinhala text to speech software has been developed by the language technology research laboratory (LTRL) of University of ColomboSchool of Computing (UCSC). This TTS can be configured to free screenreaders like thunder and NVDA. When get configured, It enable to edit text, basic support for spreadsheet and even to browse internet in Sinhala. To obtain a copy of Sinhala TTS please click the link below.

Sinhala TTS

Sinhala TTS needs both Adobe Reader 7 or higher and dotNetFrameWork 2.0 installed in order to work the TTS properly. If you don't have Adobe Reader 7 running on your machine, please click the link below to download Adobe Reader version 7.

Adobe reader 7

If you don't have DotNetFrameWork 2.0 installed on your machine, click the link below to download DotNetFrameWork 2.0.

Dot net Framework 2.0

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