Dr. Chandra Rodrigo Annual Award for High Level Overall Performance in Economics

The motivation behind introducing this Award is to groom undergraduates in the Department of Economics into Economists with special talent and work potential in the emerging competitive global market.
 Mode of Selection for the Award:  (See Appendix for details)
(1)    Academic excellence in the subjects offered in Economics.
(2)    Excellence in Economics-related ancillary activities.
(3)    Efforts made for improving proficiency in English.
(4)    Computer literacy and application in studies
(5)    Participation and excellence in extra-curricular activities.
(6)    Pre-university examination results.
(7)    Essay on future academic and non-academic goals.

  • Except for examination results and language proficiency, the other criteria relate to students’ accomplishments in the university up to the end of the 3rd year.
  • Award is open annually to all third year students.
  • The award will be given to the three applicants who excel others in their rank combination.
  • The selected three applicants are ranked as First, Second and third based on their aggregate marks.
  • Deadline for application would be the last day of the second semester in their third year.
  • Applications should be prepared on computer by students themselves to reflect their activities (with documentary proof to support achievements and participation, where available) and submitted to the Head of the Economics Department.
  • On the recommendations of the Head of the Department, the Dean of the Faculty will appoint a panel of 3 staff members to review the applications received and decide on the winners of the Award each year.
  • A sum of Rs.300,000/=  will be deposited with the University after the Award receives approval of the Arts Faculty.
  • In addition to the certificates given to the winners, 75% of the earned interest will be used for the Award annually. The balance of 25% will be added to the capital every year and re-invested for Awards in succeeding years.
  • The ratio of allocating money among the three recommended candidates will be 50%, 30% and 20%. The certificate given should indicate whether he / she is the first, second or third.

i. Academic excellence in the subjects offered in Economics in the Second semester examination of the Second year and First semester examination of the Third year,      
ii. Excellence in Economics-related ancillary activities in one’s university career: Class presentations, debates, articles written to magazines or news papers, participation in seminars /workshops / conferences (with nature of participation), communication skills displayed in educational forums, on radio, on TV etc. 
iii. Language proficiency: Level of proficiency (both oral & written) in the main languages (Sinhalese / English / Tamil) and,
Efforts made for improvement of one’s proficiency in English.
(If the applicant has pursued all 3 languages, list your achievements and efforts in all 3 languages (under the terms Excellent, good, fair and poor).
 GCE “O/L” and “A/L” grading for English,NCE/GELT Course grading,University Intensive English Course Grading and attendance,Achievements in other language diplomas and certificate courses
iv. Computer Literacy an application in studies: Such software programs as Word, Excel, Power point, SPSS, and STATA used for studies. Use of web based resources: E-mail activity, whether the applicant maintains a   personal website, membership of web based academic networks, knowledge of web based economics resources.
v. Extra-curricular activities:  Participation in extra-curricular activities such as sports,   cultural and religious activities, positions held in University societies, volunteer social services, job experience (with post/s held) etc.
vi. Pre-university examination results: GCE O/L, GCE A/L, other diplomas and certificate courses. 
vii.  Essay on future academic and non-academic goals (Not to exceed 150 words).
 Method of Evaluation by a panel

  • Fifty marks out of hundred (40%) should be given to number one under the 7 criteria in the Appendix.
  • Equal weight age should be given to the other 6 criteria in the Appendix.
  • Each applicant’s ranking position is to be worked out under each criterion.
  • Recommend the Awards to the three applicants who have the best ranking combination.

Application Procedures
1  All applications should be submitted to the Department of Economics office on or before 10th September 2014.
2. Hand written applications are not accepted.
3. Essay topics for the application will be announced soon.
 Note: Please note that only short- listed applicants are expected to submit essays.
 To download the application click the following link