The MA in Financial Economics will be awarded by the Department of Economics, University of Colombo. The programme will be conducted in close collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Management, of the University of Colombo and leading financial institutions in Sri Lanka. The curriculum of the MA programme will treat Financial Economics issues in a multi-disciplinary manner with heavy emphasis on the economics framework of this sector.

The purpose of introducing the proposed MA in Financial Economics programme is to broad base financial economics education by extending it to those whose activities will have a positive impact on the promotion of the sector in a sustainable manner, but who have as yet not had the opportunity of obtaining a structured understanding of the relevant issues and practices relating to this sector.

In Sri Lanka, it is a common observation that, while an increasingly large number of government, private (both local and international), and cooperative bodies are engaged in financial economics related activities, the level of understanding, the quality of service and the contribution to fast economic growth and development, above all the social responsibility are of a deplorable standard.


Coordinator: Rev. Dr. W. Wimalarathana