The South Asian Economics Students’ Meet (SAESM) is an annual regional ‘mini economic summit’ of Economic Undergraduates in South Asian countries. The event provides a platform for ‘future economists’ in the region to enhance their understanding of the economic issues and problems of the region by interacting with their fellow undergraduates in the region. The SAESM provides an invaluable opportunity for undergraduate scholars to meet their co-fellows from other South Asian countries, to interact with them and to learn from each other, in addition to building their capacity in research and conference presentations at an international level. The forum of economics undergraduates in South Asia will provide an opportunity for undergraduates to emerge as future leaders to manage development and co-operation in the region.

SAESM has returned to Colombo this year, 2015. The twelfth SAESM is hosted by the Department of Economics, University of Colombo in partnership with the other local universities. The University also collaborates with World Bank – the Main Corporate Sponsor of the event. The co-sponsors include organizations from the public and private sectors as well as the University of Colombo and its students.