The Department of English accommodates more than 80 undergraduates each year and provides students with an environment conducive to serious academic scholarship. Click on the links below to view the facilities provided by the department.

The Resource Centre

The Department of English Resource Centre located in Room 116 of the Faculty of Arts houses a sizeable collection of books and other resource material useful to students of English. Students taking English as a subject can obtain membership and borrow up to two books for a period of two weeks. In addition to this, the Resource Centre offers photocopying facilities to students of the Department.

Audio Visual Room

Undergraduates of the Department of English are encouraged to draw from a variety of sources for their studies. The audio-visual room provides students with the facility to work with audio-visual material relevant to the courses of study and to use multimedia equipment for their presentations.


Guest Lectures

The Department is always keen to invite locally and internationally renowned guest speakers whose work complement the courses offered by the Department. Recent Guest speakers such as Nayomi Munaweera, Prof. John Swales and Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee have discussed their work with our undergraduates, offering deeper insights into their literary and academic studies. More information on guest lectures hosted by the department can be found here

Writing Workshops 

The Department is aware that most undergraduates, especially in the first and second years, encounter problems in writing and constructing good academic papers. Thus, it offers a series of writing workshops for students whose writing and language skills need improvement.  Students identified by lecturers as needing extra help can register with a writing tutor who will then address the student’s specific writing problems.

The Early Warning System - The department also has an “early warning” system for students whose grades are weak and for students who are thought to be underperforming. Therefore, in addition to offering the course on written composition, the Department encourages students to meet with any one of the lecturers and discuss their individual problems in writing.