Important Information



Days and Times of Classes

Each part (year) of the courses above will consist of 40 teaching sessions. Each session is of 4 hours duration. Classes will be held during weekends only. Applicants will be allowed to select any one of the following sessions:


1.         Saturday   (Morning Session)              8.00 a.m.       -           12. 15 p.m.   


2.         Saturday   (Evening Session)                1.00 p.m.       -           5. 15 p.m.   


3.         Sunday   (Morning Session)                8.00 a.m.       -           12. 15 p.m.   

** If sufficient students do not register for a particular session, those who have already registered for that session will be shifted to another session.



Attendance of students will be recorded at each session. The 80% attendance requirement (32 out of 40 days) will be strictly enforced and this must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the Final Examination.

Instances of unsatisfactory attendance at classes without due reason will be dealt with according to University regulations.