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The Department of English has been running several Extension Courses in English since 1983 for teachers, employed persons, those seeking employment and those who are not internal students of any University, through its Extension Courses Office, located at the Arts Faculty Building. These courses are conducted during weekends.


New Registrations for Extension Courses in Englsih 2017 Programme now in progress...

DAE - 9th to 21st May 2017

DETE / DEEMIT - 21st to 28th May 2017

Extension Courses in English - Department of English


Classes scheduled for 22nd/ 23rd July are postponed due to construction work and a power cut at the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.

The diploma programs will commence on the 29th/ 30th weekend of July 2017.

Diploma in Advanced English for Administration and Academic Purposes (DAE)
This course is suitable for those with a higher intermediate knowledge of English who want to develop their language skills to meet the professional demands of administration, research, academic life and study abroad.

Diploma in English for Teachers of English (DETE)
Teachers of English attached to any of the schools in Sri Lanka, who are keen on improving their performance levels in English with a view to further advancement in English Language Teaching. (ELT).

Diploma in English for English Medium Instruction Teachers (DEEMIT)
Teachers who are already teaching and those who hope to teach in the English medium in Grades 6 – 11, who want to equip themselves with the required English language skills to perform their functions efficiently.

The courses are two years of study consisting 320 hours of teaching.

Award Ceremony 2011/2012 Programme