University of Colombo

Journalism Unit

University of Colombo

Course Units

First Year

Semester 1

CMS 1101          Introduction to Communication* 

Semester II

CMS 1202          Introduction to Media Studies* 

*    Prerequisite for those who wish to continue Communication and Media studies as a subject.


Second Year

Semester I

CMS 2111          Theories of Communication          
CMS 2112          Print Media –Reporting and Editing  
CMS 2113          Language of Moving image TV & Film

Semester II
CMS 2214          Development Communication
CMS 2215          Video Production Techniques        
CMS 2216          Radio Theory                             
ELT 2222            Gender and Media                      

Third Year

Semester I

CMS 3140          Advertising and Public Relations    
CMS 3141          Print Media-Feature Journalism     
CMS 3142          Writing for Television and Film      
Semester II
CMS 3243          Communication and Contemporary Issues
CMS 3244          Radio Programme Production               
CMS 3245          Critical Studies in Film         

* Lecturers delivered in Sinhala and English Medium.