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Prof. Samantha Herath


Senior Lecturer
Mr. Samantha Herath






Current Teaching

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Introduction to Media Studies
  • Theories of Communication    
  • Television Studies
  • Communication and Contemporary Issues

Research Interests

  • Communication and Culture
  • Issues of Globalization
  • Language and Literature- Poetry and Lyrics


  • 1.         Research Publications

    • The Sinhala Film Lyric (From its origin to 1977), (1995). (S. Godage Brothers, Colombo).
    • Globalization, Culture and Communication. (2008).(S. Godage Brothers, Colombo).
    • History of Communication Study, (2010).(S. Godage Brothers, Colombo).
    • Critical Essays on Poetry and Lyrical Poetry, (2010). ).(S. Godage Brothers, Colombo).
    • Introduction to Communication Science (2010).(S. Godage Brothers, Colombo).

    2.      Edited Publications

    • ‘Madawala Rathnayaka Sahitya Nirmana Vimarshana” (1997). (S. Godage Brothers, Colombo).
    • “Mindada Heesara” (2004). (Sarasavi Publishers, Nugegegoda).


    3.      Co Edited Publications

    • ‘Ajantha Geethawali’ (2002). (S. Godage Brothers, Colombo).
    • Master – The Musical Sailor of Timeless Seas (2002). (Department of Cultural Affairs, Battaramulla).
    • ‘Pura Pasa Sanda’" An anthology of modern lyrics (1995). University of Sri Jayewardenepure.

    4.      Creative Publications

    • ‘Kandulu Nethi Desak’,    A collection of lyrics – 1986,  pp.1-88
    • ‘Siyapatha Suwanda’, A collection of poetry, 1989 ,  ISBN 955-95-207-0-9, pp.1-80
    • ‘Priyanwada’ , A collection of lyrics ,ISBN 955-95207-1-7, pp.1-92
    • ‘Salamuthu Nuginura’,         A collection of lyrics with an article on lyrical poetry ,  ISBN 955-95207-2-5,  pp.1-96
    • ‘Sonduruma Hadawatha’ A collection of lyrics, S.Godage Brothers, Colombo, 1997 ,        ISBN 955-20-2487-0,  pp.1-72
    • ‘Gehenu Sirura Sayurak Se’ ,        A collection of poetry , Fast Publishing Pvt. Ltd. , Colombo 2006, ISBN 955-1188-44-6 , pp.1-134
    • ‘Kalaya Kotharam Napuruda Sonduriya’ , A collection of lyrics, Fast Publishing Pvt.Ltd. Colombo-2006 , ISBN 955-1188-45-4,  pp.1-96

National Contributions

  • Member of Sri Lanka State Literary Panel for 1993 – 1994
  • Member of Tele drama Preview Board National Television (Sri Lanka Rupavahini Cooperation), Sri Lanka
  • Member of the Book Review Committee – National Library Services Board, Sri Lanka
  • Member of the Book Review Committee – Ministry of  Cultural Affairs
  • Member of Advisory Council. Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration
  • Member of Advisory Committee, Ministry of Media and Information
  • Jury member at several television and film award festivals i.e.
  • State Television Awards, OCIC Cinema and Television Awards, Raigam Tele Awards


Mobile Number:  +94 773 500798