For a considerable time, the Department of Sociology has welcomed scholars from around the world to seek affiliation with the Department to engage in research, writing and teaching. The Department considers such associations necessary for its own intellectual development and hope they would be fulfilling to potential visitors as well.

So far, scholars from USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Slovenia have visited the Department for varying periods of time. Though by no means a concrete rule, as a general practice, the Department prefers to accommodate scholars whose research interests meet the interests of the Department’s collective research interests and orientations. This is because it allows the Department the ability to provide them better access to local community networks, a better intellectual climate and in general more nuanced access to local conditions.

MA and PhD students as well as senior scholars can apply for affiliations. Students will be provided supervisory services for their research if so requested. All affiliations, particularly of individuals from other parts of the world are subject to the regulations mandated by the University of Colombo. The Department offers modest office space, library and internet facilities to all visiting scholars depending on demand and availability at any given time. For visa details, please contact the closest Sri Lankan mission to you. For other details please contact:

The Head
Department of Sociology
University of Colombo
Colombo 3. Sri Lanka
Telephone: 011+94+1+2500452 /

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