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Department of Science and Technology Education

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The Science and Technology Education Department (DSTE) bear part in its full capacity to the faculty of Education at all levels and sectors in the mission of strengthening the process of education by developing knowledge and training of graduates as professionals in education and in the initiation of undergraduate to the field of Education. The department contributes by providing subjects related to Curriculum, Curriculum implementation, Science, Mathematics and Technology Education and information Technology for undergraduates and postgraduates. DSTE plays major role in training of Science, Mathematics and ICT teachers for the diploma in education.

It is proud to mention that DSTE offers a special course in Science Education at masters-level. This course was started in 2004 and four batches have already completed.

Many students have completed their reading for master of Philosophy in the field of science and Mathematics education and curriculum development under the guidance of the department ((DSTE).

The empowerment of individuals, society or a nation could be done only by improving rational skills, creative thinking, learning to learn, and other knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Science and Technology Education have to play a main role in this task. Scientific temper in all activities and scientific humanism are our essential need in the world. In fact as a considerable aspect of this Endeavour involves dealings with the Curriculum, Instructional methodology and learning.

The key concept of the DSTE has always been “Theory into Practice”. The challenges before us are to maintain and sharpen this perspective in the present and future contexts of the Education system of Sri Lanka.

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