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[2004-08-20] Aitken Spence Programme (MTP) First Session

The first session of this programme was held at the College House. Forty students from Faculties of Arts and Science will be trained by Mr. Rohan Pandithakoralage of Aitken Spence Group. The training will be conducted at both the University of Colombo and the Aitken Spence training centre. Following areas will be covered in the programme: Self Awareness, Team work skills, Time Management, Communication Skills, Interview Skills, Business Ethics, CV writing, etc etc.

[2004-08-18] Aitken Spence Programme (MTP) Inaugurated

The inaugural session of the Aitken Spence Programme was held at the Senate Hall, University of Colombo. The vice chancellor, Prof. Tilak Hettiarachchi, Registrar, Dean/Science, Dean/Arts and Mr. Rohan Pandithakoralage (Director / HR, Aitken Spence) were among the invitees.

[2004-06-23] Freshers Awareness Programme

New comers to the Faculty of Science were addressed by the Director on 23 June 2004 at the King George Hall, Faculty of Science.
Students were given a demonstration about the web page. Students can directly access to the important websites through the links given in the main page to learn time management skills, presentation skills, CV writing skills, etc. Please visit the website for more links.

[2003-12-01] English for Careers

The 2004 program was started with 250 students selected out of 790 applicants from Faculties of Arts, Science, M&F and Law. The enthusiasm for this programme was a clear reflection of their willingness to learn English. The 2003 course was started in February and finished in Octobe.

[2003-11-12] Freshers Awareness Programme

This was a repeat of the seminar on November 2nd.

[2003-10-29] Employable You” First Session

The first session of the program for selected 80 students was held on 29 October 2003 at Faculty of Management and Finance. CEO of HSBC Mr. Mark Humble attended the first session. The selected undergraduates (80) will go through a series of career related structured workshops through a period of 3 years. This will include development of communication skills, team work, presentation skills, CV writing, facing interviews including mock interviews, change of attitude, time management, etc. They will also spend few days at HSBC centres as part of the training.

[2003-10-15] “Employable You” Introductory Session

The introductory session of the “Employable You” programme was held at the New Arts Theatre (NAT) for all the second year Management and Finance Students.
The session was addressed by the Dean, Faculty of Management and Finance (Mr. Pradeep Randiwela), Deputy CEO of HSBC (Mr. S. Piyarathne), AIESEC Coordinator (Mr. Adam Gieniusz) and Director of Career Guidance Unit (Dr. K. M. Nalin de Silva). After the session, approximately 470 students handed in their applications for the program and 80 students were selected by interview which was held at the Faculty of Management and Finance on 18 October 2003.

[2003-10-02] Freshers Awareness Programme

New comers to Faculties of Management & Finance and Arts were given a Career Awareness Seminars on 2 October 2003 and 12 November 2003 respectively. The importance of developing transferable skills such as intellectual skills, organizational skills, communication skills and inter-personal skills are highlighted. The change of attitudes of students towards the cooperate sector was also stressed.

[2003-08-18] “Employable You” Programme Inaugurated

This program is organized by the Career Guidance Unit in collaboration with AIESEC and HSBC. The AIESEC is the largest student organization in the world and involves in developing youth leadership. The Acting vice-chancellor and the CEO of HSBC , Mr. Mark Humble participated at the inauguration ceremony at the UCSC auditorium, University of Colombo. This event was given the media coverage by the MTV. The programme is designed exclusively for second year undergraduates of the Faculty of Management and Finance.

[2003-07-29] Sri Lankan Airlines Training Programme Award Ceremony

The training programme conducted by Sri Lankan Airline for undergraduates from Faculty of Management and Finance was concluded on 24 April 2003. Twenty students were selected from 400 applicants to undergo the training at Sri Lankan Airlines training centre and 12 students were awarded with certificates at a ceremony held on 29 July 2003 at the College House. Prof. Tilak Hettiarachchi, Vice Chancellor and Mr. Sunil Dissanayake, Head of Human Resources of Sri Lankan Air Lines, and officials of CGU were also participated in the event.

[2003-07-23] Personal Career Mentor Programme Third Phase

Third phase of the Personal Career Mentor Program was started. In this programme group of 15 students was assigned to a mentor who is an experienced senior executive from the employment sector. Mentees were provided a 12 week long training on all career-related aspects (meeting once a week). The total number of applicants for the programme was 580 and 250 students from faculties of Management, Arts and Science were selected for the programme after a short interview conducted by members of the Academic Staff. This programme was coordinated by Rotary Club of Colombo Down Town.