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English for Careers

The 2003 course was started in February and finished in October.

The 2004 program was also started on 1 December 2003. 250 students were selected from 790 applicants from Faculties of Arts, Science, M&F and Law. The enthusiasm for this programme was a clear reflection of their willingness to learn English.

The unit requests all volunteers to come up as resource personnel to expand this programme for the benefit of the students. The Unit finds difficulty in conducting this course with two volunteers, Prof. Fransis P. de Zoysa and Mr. S. Alakolange.

Conversational English

Mr. Marty Surface who is a medical officer at the US embassy in Colombo will start Conversational English classes in near future. He volunteered to conduct these classes. Dr. Rees Hughes who introduced Mr. Marty Surface to the Director is greatly acknowledged. Dr. Rees Hughes was a Fulbright Scholar at the OPA.