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Career Resources Collection

Psychometric, Aptitude and IQ Testing
1. Succeed at psychometric testing
2. How to pass professional level psychometric
3. Succeed at psychometric testing
4. How to pass graduate psychometric tests 2/e
5. IQ and psychometric tests
6. How to improve your I.Q
7. Test your I.Q
8. Check your own I.Q
9. CQ boost your creative intelligence
10. Test your I.Q
11. Boost your interview I.Q
12. I.Q for all
13. How to pass numerical reasoning tests
14. How to pass verbal reasoning tests 2/e
15. Advanced aptitude tests
16. Just in time brainpower
17. Right-brain teasers
18. Solve that problem
19. Problem solving
20. Test yourself

CV Writing
21. Art of Facing Interviews
22. Readymade CVs
23. CVs in a week

24. Mentoring
25. Making the most of being mentored

Communication Skills
26. Business correspondence and communication
27. 30 minutes communication skills kit
28. Writing a human resources manual
29. Writing proposals and reports
30. Telephone skills
31. Writing job descriptions
32. Making great presentations
33. Business etiquette
34. Writing copy for the web
35. Formatting letters and reports
36. 50 one-minute tips to better communication
37. Job applications
38. All about etiquettes
39. Communicating with employees
40. Guide to telephone tactics
41. Asking questions
42. Constructive feedback
43. Successful presentation skills
44. Improve your communication skills
45. Persuasive reports and proposals

Leadership Skills
46. Leadership training
47. Leadership skills for women
48. The eleven keys to leadership
49. Just in time leadership
50. Facilitation skills for team leaders
51. Learning to lead
52. Leadership: theory and practice
53. Adair on leadership
54. The effective leader
55. Patton on leadership

Team Working
56. Just in time teamwork
57. Teamwork skills
58. Team building

Negotiation Skills
59. Negotiate to succeed
60. The negotiation handbook
61. How to master personality questionnaires 2/e

62. New entrepreneur’s guidebook
63. How to get rich using the power of your mind

Study Skills
64. Remembering made easy
65. A guide to study skills

Management Skills
66. The seven deadly sins of management
67. World-class management practices
68. Recruiting for high performance
69. Successfully resolving conflict
70. How to manage a motivation machine
71. Achieving consensus
72. Managing the technical professional
73. Delegating for result
74. Finance for non-financial managers
75. Information management
76. Management skills
77. Developing your staff
78. Make things happen!
79. How to manage a motivation machine
80. Motivation and personality
81. The John Adair handbook of manage
82. Managing disagreement constructively
83. Exploring corporate strategy
84. Disaster preparedness
85. An introduction to workplace consensus.
86. Financial analysis
87. Strategic planning in information..
88. Transforming your workshop
89. The appraisal discussion

Psychology and Self-development
90. Self-development
91. Organize yourself
92. In search of excellence
93. A passion for excellence
94. How to beat your competitors
95. Be your best!
96. Strategy in a work
97. Personality in work organizations
98. Body language at work
99. Body language
100. Psychology and work today
101. Quick wits
102. Stress
103. Managing stress for mental fitness
104. Influencing others
105. Brain re-engineering
106. Ethics in public relations
107. High-tech etiquette
108. Stay confident
109. Getting hired
110. Instant negotiation

ICT Skills
111. Getting start on the internet
112. Writing effective e-mail

Marketing Skills
113. Beyond customer service