♦ Conducting Disciplinary and preliminary inquires.
♦ Appearing in Courts on behalf of the University.
♦ Preparation of necessary documents, handling and maintaining files in relation to litigation matters, participating at consultations at the Attorney General’s Department, and with lawyers in the unofficial Bar by providing necessary details to defend the University.
♦ Submitting observations to the Attorney General’s Department and to the unofficial Bar in relation to cases in the Labour Tribunal, Magistrate Courts, District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.
♦ Submitting observations and legal opinion in respect of various issues referred by the Administration.
♦ Study and report the Bonds, Agreements and other legal documents when such requests are made by the Administration.
♦ Drafting of warning letters, Letters in relation to calling explanations, Letters of demand, Charge sheets, Answers, Objections and Affidavits in relation to Court Cases, drafting of Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding.
♦ In case of several Sub-Committees appointed on various issues from time to time by the University, contributions for the preparation of reports.
♦ Drafting legal documents in relation to the complaints made by the University employees in the Labour Department, Human Rights Commission, Bribery Commission, Ombudsman and University Services Appeals Board.
♦ Making appearances for inquiries in relation to the above complaints representing the University.
♦ Preparing Memos to the Council in relation to Litigation Matters and follow up action would be taken according to the decisions of the Council.