Professor Ranjith Bandara

Professor Ranjith Bandara


PhD (Queensland), MSc. (AUN), MA, BA Honours (Colombo)

Telephone: +94 11 215 8484


Current Teachings

  • Microeconomics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Economics
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Political Economy


Research Interests

  • Environmental and Natural Resource
  • EconomicsDevelopment and Agricultural Economics
  • Tourism Economics and Ecotourism
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Price Analysis
  • Non-Market Valuation
  • Poverty and Rural Development
  • Entreprenureship Development



  • Ranjith Bandara (2007) Insuring Farmers Against Wildlife Damage: Mixed Good  Considerations and Sri Lankan Elephants as a Case,  Sri Lanka Economic Journal 8:101-134
  • Ranjith Bandara (2004). Economic value of Conservation: The Case of the Asian Elephant, South Asian Economic Journal 5:283-300.
  • Ranjith Bandara and Clem Tisdell (2004). The Net Benefit of Saving the Asian Elephant: A Policy and Contingent Valuation Study, Ecological Economics 48: 93-107.
  • Ranjith Bandara and Clem Tisdell (2003). Comparison of Rural and Urban Attitudes to the Conservation of Asian Elephants in Sri Lanka, Biological Conservation, 110: 327-342.
  • Ranjith Bandara and Clem Tisdell (2002). Asian Elephants as Agricultural Pests: Economics of Control and Compensation in Sri Lanka. Natural Resource Journal, 42:491-519.
  • Ranjith Bandara (2008) Practical Guide to Academic Writing, Karunarthne and Sons, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Ranjith Bandara (2008) Wildlife Based Recreation and Local Economic Development: A Survey, Karunarthne and Sons, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Ranjith Bandara (2008) The Elephant in Sri Lankan Society:  History Revisited and Value Assessed, In S.M.P.Senanayake et al. Development Perspectives: Growth and Equity in Sri Lanka, Department of Economics, University of Colombo.


Annual Research Award -2006/2007

  • Annual Research Award – 2006/2007 – The Academic Excellence in Research, University of Colombo