Professor (Mrs.) N.M.S. Silva

Professor (Mrs.) N.M.S. Silva




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Book Chapters and web documents

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Refereed Journal articles

  1. Ambiguities and Certainties: Ernest MacIntyre’s Rasanayagam’s Last Riot and He STILL Comes from Jaffna, University of Colombo Review, 2008.
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Conference papers

  1. Bilingualism and its Advantages for the Cognitive Development of Children’- presentation for the Fulbright Alumni Association of Sri Lanka. February 2007.
  2. ‘The Hybrid “Other”: The Politics of Race and Gender in the Representation of Rosie in R.K.Narayan’s The Guide’ paper presented at an International Seminar on the work of R.K.Narayan, Department of English, and University of Mysore, India. March 2007.
  3. “Walking into the Future” Presentation at Women Without Borders Conference, Austria 2005
  4. “Sri Lankan Writing in English” presented at the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, 2005.