Professor Athula Ranasinghe

Professor Athula Ranasinghe

Dean, Faculty of Arts

Dean, Faculty of Arts

PhD (Amsterdam), MA(Thammasat), DED, BA (Colombo)

Telephone: +94 71 537 1512


Current Teachings

  • Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Mathematics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Labour Economics
  • Economics of Education
  • Human Resources Management


Research Interests

  • Decent work conditions of Agency hired workers in Sri Lanka
  • Education Financing
  • Living Wage
  • Moonlighting (multiple jobs)
  • Education Policy



Refereed international journals

Book Chapters

  • Ranasinghe, A. (2012), Education and Economic Growth, in Issue of Development, ed. Prof. Herath Madana Bandara, University of Keleniya, Stanford Lake Publishers
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2011) Responsibilities of Local Authorities on Delivery of Public Health services before and After Child Birth, Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governments
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2009), Deregulation and Economic Growth, Professor W.D. Lakshman Felicitation Volume [Sinhala medium publication].
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2008), Trends in Labour Market Return: Effects of School Quality and Labour Market Conditions on Labour Market Return in Sri Lanka, Prof. W.D.Lakshman Felicitation Volume.
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2006) Liberalisation and SMI Development: Threats & Opportunities, Sri Lanka Economic Association Annual Sessions, 2006, Chap. 9.
  • Ranasinghe A. Estimates of Revealed Comparative Advantages for Exports from Sri Lanka, Chapter 3, Trade Cooperation and Economic Policy Reform in South Asia: The Case of Sri Lanka, BIDS Country Studies. (2003), with Sirimal Abeyratne
  • Ranasinghe A. Determinants of Demand for Sri Lanka Exports: An Application of Gravity Model, Chapter 4, Trade Cooperation and Economic Policy Reform in South Asia: The Case of Sri Lanka, BIDS Country Studies. (2003), with Sirimal Abeyratne

Peer Reviewed Discussion Papers and Journals

  • Ranasinghe, A. (2009), Social Equity & Local Government: Local Entrepreneurs Perspectives, Governance Journal Fifth edition (2008), Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governments.
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2000) Variation of Education Enrolment: An Economic Perspective, Discussion Paper, UC-ISS Project, University of Colombo.
  • Ranasinghe, A and Hartog, J. (1999) Production, Demand and Private Cost of Education Quality: An Application of Canonical Regression, Discussion Paper, UC-ISS Project, University of Colombo.
  • Ranasinghe, A. and Hartog, J. (1997) Investment in Post-Compulsory Education in Sri Lanka, Discussion Paper, TI 97-021/3, Tinbergen Institute, The Netherlands.
  • De Silva, A, Lakshman, W.D., and Ranasinghe, A. (1995), Migrant Remittances as a Source of Development Funding, Discussion Paper, UC-ISS Project, University of Colombo.
  • Ranasinghe, A. (1992), Determinants of the Age at First Marriage in Sri Lanka, Population Information Project, Department of Census and Statistics, Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Postgraduate Thesis

  • Ranasinghe, A. (1999) A Pearl of Great Price: The Free Education System in Sri Lanka: Ph.D. Thesis, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of economics and Econometrics, Tinbergen Institute, The Netherlands
  • Ranasinghe, A. (1989)  Remittance Behaviour and its Impact on Household Consumption Function: The Case of Sri Lankan Migrants to the Middle-East, Masters Thesis, faculty of economics, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Submissions

  • Ranasinghe A. (2004) Advent of Information and Communication Technology and its Impacts on Decent Work: Project Funded by ILO, Bangkok
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2007), Global Production Network and Decent Working Conditions: Case of Readymade Garment Industry in Sri Lanka, Research Commissioned by Decent work Research Group, ILO, Bangkok
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2002) Regulatory Impediments and Transaction Costs of Enterprise, Development in Sri Lanka, Paper prepared for the Deregulation Conference Feb. 2002.
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2010) Youth Employment in Sri Lanka: Challenge for Policy Makers, SPARC, University of Colombo
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2010), Socio-economic Security of Women Employees in Sri Lanka: Survey Findings, ILO/SPARC.
  • Ranasinghe, A (2007), Remittance Economy and Its Contribution to Poverty Alleviation in South Asia: A Case Study of Sri Lanka, seminar paper, Regional Seminar on “Labour Migration, Employment and Poverty Alleviation in South Asia”, Hotel Himalaya, Kathmandu, Nepal, August 9-10, 2007.

Unpublished Research and Consultancy Work

  • Ranasinghe, A. and Pushpakumara, M. (2012) Living Wage for the RMG Sector Employees in Sri Lanka: A Fair Basis for Wage Bargaining for Garment Sector Employees in Sri Lanka, Free Trade Zones & General Services Employees’ Union (FTZ&GSEU)
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2012) International Financial Institutes and Labour Rights, International Solidarity Centre, Sri Lanka
  • Ranasinghe, A. (2011) Study on Requirements of Prospective Electricity Consumers and Fuel (electricity) Poverty & Affordability: Conducted by SPARC, University of Colombo for Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka