Circular Letter No.     41/2011




Postgraduate Institute of Medicine


University of Colombo

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                                                                          My No.PGIM/EX/12/SE/MSc/Med/Ad (11)

                                                                          Postgraduate Institute of Medicine,

                                                                          160, Norris Canal Road,

                                                                          Colombo 7.

                                                              5th July, 2011



To : Director/NHSL, Colombo,

       Directors/MSS of Teaching/General Hospitals,

       Provincial Directors of Health Services,

       Deans of Faculties of Medicine/Medical Sciences,

                        Universities of Peradeniya/Colombo/Jaffna/Ruhuna/Kelaniya,

                                                                                                Sri Jayewardenepura,




1.      The above examination is scheduled to commence on 21st October 2011.


2.      Applications are invited by me from medical officers possessing the following requirements to sit the Selection Examination for enrolment to the in-service training programme in MSc (Medical Administration) in the year 2012. 


3.1    Candidates who are Medical Graduates shall,


(a)  A medical degree registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council (Foreign nationals should have a degree registrable with the Sri Lanka Medical Council);


(b)   satisfactory completion of internship acceptable to the Sri Lanka Medical Council;


(c)    satisfactory completion of three years of post internship in medical practice in a University/Public Sector Institution/Non State Sector (see item 6) in Sri Lanka acceptable to the PGIM as at the date of closure of applications 26th August, 2011


3.2    Candidates who are Dental Graduates shall,


                       (a)  have a dental degree registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council


                       (b)  have five (05) years experience  as a Dental Surgeon by 26th August, 2011.




                        Those who have availed maternity or sick leave during one year period could be considered eligible provided they have completed 80% of the post intern year.


4.      The applicants to be eligible for enrolment to the training programme should pass the selection examination.  The current format of the selection examination for the perusal of applicants is described in the Prospectus and Examination Documents which are available at the PGIM.




5.      The selection examination for Medical Administration will consist of an essay paper of three (03) hours duration with 5 questions. 


6.      The candidates who pass the selection examination by obtaining the pass mark of 50% only shall be considered for enrolment to the course.


7.      Only a Maximum of 20 candidates from the state sector who passes the selection examination will be enrolled in the training programme in order of merit.  The details are available at the examination branch office of the PGIM.


8.      Only a Maximum of 01 candidate from the non-state sector who passes the selection examination will be enrolled in the training programme in order of merit.  The details are available at the examination branch office of the PGIM.


9.      The allocation of training units will be done as described in "Guideline for enrolment of non-state sector trainees in to PGIM training programmes - 2011". 


10.    The relevant information of the training programme, MD Examination, requirements for Board Certification are described in the Prospectus and other documents.  However if amendments have been made following printing of the Prospectus may be collected from the academic branch office of the PGIM. 


11.    The prescribed fees for the examination are as follows:


                                    (a)  Registration fee                   -  Rs. 3,000.00 (non refundable)


                                    (b)  Examination fees                -  Rs. 9,500.00


         (Private candidates will be charged 50% more on each fee of the PGIM)


12.    Eligible candidates should obtain the prescribed application forms from the Examinations Branch, Postgraduate Institute of Medicine on payment of Rs. 550/- or can be download from our website   Requests for application and other details by post should accompany a SASE 9” x 4” in size and a money order for Rs. 550/- drawn in favour of Postgraduate Institute of Medicine and payable at the Cinnamon Garden Post Office, Colombo 7.  The envelope should be marked “Application for selection test for enrolment to the in-service training programme in MSc (Medical Administration)” at the top left hand corner.


13.    Completed applications with every cage duly filled should be forwarded through the Head of Department, confirming that the applicants if selected would be released for postgraduate training at the PGIM.   The applications should reach to the Senior Assistant Registrar/ Examinations, Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, No. 160, Norris Canal Road, Colombo 7 on or before 26th August 2011.  Incomplete applications and late applications  will not be considered under any circumstances.


14.    The selected candidates shall report to the training centre allocated to him/her within one month on receipt of the letter of appointment.


15.    Please bring the contents of the contents of the Circular Letter to the notice of all medical officers concerned in your department/division/faculty.



16.    Please refer the new regulations laid down by Ministry of Health regarding release of Medical Officers of Department of Health in PGIM website -






Professor Rezvi Sheriff

Director, PGIM

Senior Professor of Medicine

University of Colombo




Copies 1.   Secretary, Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition

2.   Director General of Health Services

3.   Deputy Director General of Health Services/Dental Services

4.   Registrar, Sri Lanka Medical Council.

5.   Secretary of Board of Study in Medical Administration

6.   Hony. Secretary, Sri Lanka College of Medical Administration

7.   Hony. Secretary, GMOA

8.   Hony. Secretary, Government Dental Surgeons Association

9.   PGIM Library

10. PGIM Branch Library, Peradeniya.