Postgraduate Institute of Medicine

University of Colombo





The Postgraduate Institute of Medicine will entertain applications for the under mentioned post from suitably qualified persons up to 30th April 2010.



Educational Qualifications B-03 / U-AC 3 (II)



01.  (i)  MBBS/BDS Degree with First or Second Class (Upper Division) Honours; and at least one (01) year of experience in teaching/research/professional work/postgraduate studies. A candidate who has obtained a First or Second Class (Upper Division) in the Second or the Third MBBS/BDS Examination may also be considered where recruitment is for pre-clinical or Para-clinical subjects in Medical/Dental Faculties.




      (ii)  MBBS/BDS Degree with Second Class (Lower Division) Honours and at least one (01) year of experience in teaching/research/professional work/postgraduate studies.               A candidate who has obtained a Second Class (Lower Division) Honours in the Second or the Third MBBS/BDS Examination as the case may be, and has passed the Final MBBS/BDS Examination may also be considered where recruitment is for pre-clinical or Para-clinical subjects in Medical/Dental Faculties.




     (iii) MBBS /BDS Degree and a Postgraduate Degree of at least two academic years’ duration in the relevant subject with a research component by way of thesis / dissertation.




     (iv) Such academic or professional qualifications or professional experience as may be approved by the University Grants Commission upon the recommendation of the Higher Educational Institution concerned.




02. (i)  A Master’s degree in the relevant field obtained after a full-time course of study of at least 02 academic years (or an equivalent part-time course of study) with a research component by way of thesis/dissertation or a Doctoral Degree or MD/MS and Board Certification by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine  where required of its equivalent.




     (ii)     Such professional qualifications and experience as may be approved by the University Grants Commission upon the   recommendation of the Higher Education Institutions concerned.



03. At least six (06) years’ of experience in one or more of the following:


(i)                  Teaching at University level,

(ii)                Professional Experience

(iii)               Research in a recognized Institution.

(iv)              Postgraduate Studies to acquire the qualifications stipulated at (2) above.




[U-AC 3 (II)] - Rs. 37650 – 11x 700 – 45350 p.m.


v     In addition to the salary, an Academic Allowance of 30% of the salary and the cost of living allowance will be paid to the selected candidate.


The selected candidate will be a member of the Universities Provident Fund as well as of the University Pension Scheme. He/She will contribute 10% of his/her monthly salary to the Universities Provident Fund and at the same time the employer will make a total contribution of 15% of his/her salary of which 8% will be credited to the Universities Pension Fund and 7% to the Universities Provident Fund. In addition, he/she will become a contributor to the Employees Trust Fund under which the Universities will contribute an amount equivalent to 3% of the money earnings. 


The appointment will be on probation for a period of three years which may be extended at the discretion of the Council of the University of Colombo. The Postgraduate Institute of Medicine will consider on appointing retired or Senior Professors or Consultants on assignment basis on the last drawn salary for the above post if suitable applicants are not available.


The other conditions of appointment will be in accordance with provisions of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978, Universities (Amendment) Act No. 7 of 1985 and Universities (Amendment) Act No. 1 of 1995 and Ordinances, By-Laws, Regulations and Rules etc. made there under.




Please attach photocopies of certificate to the application to prove your Professional, Educational qualifications and other qualifications.


Applicants from Higher Educational Institutions, Government Departments, Government Corporations should apply through the Heads of such Institutions.  Applications which do not conform to this requirement will be rejected.


Further particulars and application forms can be obtained from Assistant Registrar / Establishments, Postgraduate Institute of Medicine either by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope 23x10 cm in size or by personally calling over at the office of the Assistant Registrar/ Establishments. Please consult the web site for further details.


Duly filled applications should be sent in under registered cover or hand delivered to reach Director, Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, No. 160, Norris Canal Road, Colombo 07 on or before 30. 04. 2010. The post should be indicated on the top left - hand corner of the envelope.  Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.


Professor Rezvi Sheriff


Postgraduate Institute of Medicine

No. 160, Norris Canal Road

Colombo 07.

Tel. No. 0112697758/0112696261

06. 04. 2010





Job Description – Deputy Director




  1. Work under the guidance of the Director.


  1. To design, monitor and oversee implementation of existing courses for trainees in consultation with the relevant Boards of Study and Officers of the PGIM.


  1. To make arrangements with respective Boards of Study and representatives for    each Board of Study and its Speciality Boards for revision of curriculum design and conducting such courses redesigned for training.


  1. To perform the functions relevant to students as advisor / counsellor and help to solve educational problems of trainees.


  1. To monitor the facilities available in the Library, Medical Illustrations Unit, Photography, Medical Education and Resources Centre of the PGIM and to help develop these activities.


  1. To participate in teaching programmes with special attention to supporting and developing Distance Education programmes.


  1. To supervise and invigilate at PGIM examinations as necessary.


  1. Assist the Director for promotion of academic programmes administrative work and to strengthen the financial development of the institution.


  1. To undertake work delegated by Director/PGIM as needed.


  1. To act for the Director when he is not available and attend Board of Study meetings/its Study Committees and Results Board Meetings as necessary.


  1. To be as liaison officer between PGIM and other institutes especially Ministry of Health, UGC, Attorney General Department and smoothen the coordination work involved.


  1. To assist the Director in supplying necessary information regarding PGIM activities to requesting agencies.


  1. To be an active member of the Faculty of the PGIM which includes Permanent Academic Staff and Co-opted members.


  1. To undertake suitable activities in the PGIM or represent the PGIM as requested by the Director PGIM.




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