1] Guidelines for preparation of abstracts

i. The abstract must report original research.

ii. The title should be brief and explain the study reported. Capital letters should be used only for the first letter in the first word of the title and proper nouns.

iii. The author/s names and addresses:

♦ Capital letters should be used only for the initials and the first letters of the surnames of authors.

♦ The address of the Institution in which the work was carried out should be included under the author’s name.

♦ If the collaborators are from different Institutions, the addresses of the Institutions should be included in brief. In this case, the adresses ofthe co-authors should be indicated by a number in superscript after the author’s names and before the respective addresses (as shown below).

Example (multiple authors):

I.P. Menikpurage1, D. T. U. Abeytunga1, R. L. C. Wijesundara2

1 Department of Chemistry, Universtiy of Colombo, Colombo 03.

2 Department of Plant Sciences, University of Colombo, Colombo 03.

iv. The text of the abstract should be within the range of 300-350 words.

v. Standard abbreviations of SI units should be used.

vi. The original and two legible copies of each abstract should be submitted. The two copies should carry only the title and the text and should not contain name(s) of author(s) and place(s) where the research has been carried out.

vii. Acknowledgements should be restricted to the names of funding agencies providing sponsorship.

viii. Use font “Times New Roman” size 11 with 1.5 spacing on A4 paper.


2] Guidelines for preparation of extended abstract (should be submitted with each abstract)

i. The text should not exceed 1000 words.

ii. The text should cover the following aspects: Background, Objectives, Research Design/Materials and Methods, Results/ Findings, Conclusions and References.

iii. The original and two legible copies of the text should be submitted along with the abstract.

iv. Tables and diagrams can be included and should be referred to in text as Table 1 or Fig. 1.

v. References: Should be limited to only essential ones.

vi. Use font “Times New Roman” size 11 with 1.5 spacing on A4 paper.


3] Declaration by the authors

i. The annexed declaration form must be completed by the Corresponding Author and sent with each abstract and extended abstract submitted.

ii. All correspondence will be addressed to the Corresponding Author. If the Corresponding Author is a postgraduate student, then it is mandatory that the declaration form should be signed by the supervising author/s.

iii. The abstracts should be presented by a staff member or a postgraduate student of the University of Colombo. In the event that the presenter indicated in the application is unable to present the paper it is the responsibility of the Corresponding Author either to withdraw the paper inadvance or arrange for one of the Co-Authors to present the paper.