Guidelines for Faculty Representatives of the Editorial Committee:

Please adhere to the following deadlines with regard to the abstracts and extended abstracts:

♦ Discuss with the respective Dean of your Faculty and appoint a committee with representatives from each of the departments in the Faculty to coordinate the review work.

♦ Deadline for submission of abstracts and extended abstracts – 21st August 2015

♦ Send each of the abstracts along with the extended abstracts to at least 2 reviewers with the referee report

♦ Deadline for completing the review – 21st September 2015

♦ Submission of revised abstracts, incorporating       reviewers’ comments – 30th September 2015

Edit the abstracts, i.e. correct grammatical and typographical errors and ensure that the spacing, author names and institution names are according to the provided guidelines.

♦ Deadline for submission of accepted abstracts to the Editor in Chief – 30th September 2015.

Please ensure that each abstract fits into one A4 Page.

Please note: Abstracts must be written in clear, comprehensible, and grammatical English. While the Editor in Chief will do the final language corrections, he reserves the right to reject any abstract which is sent in so poorly written that such language correction is difficult or impossible.

** Each faculty representative is expected to provide the theme of the symposium to the Deans of each Faculty and obtain a message from them to be published in the proceedings. The message should be edited and sent to the Editor in Chief by 31st August 2015.

We would be grateful if you could follow the above given deadlines and send the edited abstracts along with the Dean’s message to enable us to compile and print the proceedings in time.


Dr. Ranil D. Guneratne

Chair – Editorial Committee

Annual Research Symposium – 2015