Welcome to the Department of Economics - University of Colombo

The Department of Economics is one of the oldest and most possibly the most popular departments in the Faculty of Arts with 700 undergraduates – including students who take Economics as one of three subjects in a General Arts degree, and those who take Special Arts degree in Economics.

Having initially focused on undergraduate training in a variety of disciplines, the University of Colombo has, since the early 1980’s, increasingly turned its attention to the development of teaching and training programs at postgraduate level. The Department of Economics in the Faculty of Arts took a leadership role in this activity by commencing in 1984 the Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development. The Department now offers two more well recognized Postgraduate programs: the MA in Economics (1991) and the MPhil /PhD in Economics (1996).

At a time when large numbers of graduates in Economics were looking for postgraduate training opportunities, but were getting disappointed that opportunities and resources for this purpose at home and abroad were limited, the value of the services rendered by the postgraduate study program of the Department of Economics of the University of Colombo has been enormous.

Message from the Head of the Department

  Rev.Prof. W. Wimalaratana Thero

The Department of Economics of the University of Colombo strives in achieving academic excellence and international competitiveness in teaching and research in Economics. Undergraduate degrees in Economics are offered in different streams of specialization along with an internship component, arranged in partnership with industry.A wide range of extension programmes aimed at certificate courses, Diplomas and, Postgraduate qualifications are offered according to the different needs and entry qualifications of the students.The Department with its experienced faculty and resources carries out development and policy oriented research, undertakes consultancy services and, conducts knowledge dissemination activities.

The Department of Economics is proud of its large teaching faculty with postgraduate qualifications obtained in Sri Lanka as well as in foreign countries such as Australia, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand and, United Kingdom.

The Development Resource Center (DRC), a facility for sharing knowledge, information and training programs on development, is an initiative of the Department in partnership with the World Bank and, is equipped with World Bank flagship publicationsand data base. The Center for Economic Research and Industrial Policy Analysis (CERIPA) is a new research initiative of the Department aimed at undertaking business analysis and policy studiesand maintainingindustry – community – university interaction links. The Department of Economics also serves as the Country Coordinating Institution of Sri Lanka for the South Asian Economics Students Meet (SAESM) which offers a regional forum of undergraduate students in South Asia, giving an opportunity to demonstrate their academic and research skills.