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  • Wed, 12/28/2011 - 21:37

ICT4D is actually a good stretegy for development in technological view point. In Sri Lanka huge investment can be seen and the wastage is also very high. often, IT companies sell e-givernement to politicians and politicians sell e-government to citizens on the promise that it will save money and create effective and efficient development proceses. this has in part encouraged a huge government expenditure and it creates unnecessary burden on public budget.
prioreties are given on purchasing related items and not much concern on training personnel who transfer knowledge and skills to benificiary groupsthrough ICT4D projects. Therefore, benificiary groups are unable to maximize their benifit. In most of the cases instruments are kept idle for few months and those will be out of order withing idle period.
There should be a widely accepted and reliable ICT policy for the country. Some may object that a policy of ICT is already available. my question is that is it the most optimal one?
On the other end real implementation of ICT4D projects are failed in their objectives. I suppos that ICT curricular should developmed and introduced for each level of  Sri Lankan education system and ICT development stretegies should completely free of political influences as well as involvement.
Nisantha Kurukulasooriya
Dept. of Economics
University of Ruhuna


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