About the DMF Program

         The Diploma Program is designed to cater to those who are actively involved in various activities related to the Micro Finance sector or those who intend to pursue a career in the field of micro-finance, particularly in Sri Lanka and South Asia. The other related sectors are entrepreneurship, small business development, poverty alleviation and banking.


Objectives of the Program

         The purpose of the Diploma program is to broad base micro finance education by extending it to those whose activities will have a positive impact on the promotion of the industry and to those who are involved in other related sectors effectively, but who have as yet not had the opportunity of acquiring a systematic understanding of the relevant issues and practices relating to the sector.

The objective of the program, therefore, is to provide an opportunity to those who are committed to engage and promote micro finance sector in an effective and sustainable manner to obtain a systematic and broad understanding of micro-finance related issues and discourses, both theoretical and practical, so that their work will be of improved quality.

The need for a program of this nature has been repeatedly pointed out by several organizations and individuals engaged in activities mainly relating to micro finance, entrepreneurship, small business development and poverty alleviation.


Expected Outcome

         The proposed Diploma in Micro Finance Program is expected to develop career prospects of those engaged in the micro-finance sector and other related sectors, and to improve the quality of the micro finance industry