This programme is appropriate for:

  • Hotel managers and officers catering to tourist enterprises
  • Tourism sector policy designers, formulators and decision-makers 
  • Government and private organizational officers engaged in tourism activities
  • Officers and individuals associated with institutions related to tourism.
  • Personals engaged in supplying supportive and complementary services to the tourism industry.
  • Key officers engage in providing security for foreign visitors and developing the quality and standards in keeping with international best practices.
  • Medical and insurance institute officers engaged in providing health services to foreign visitors and tourism institutions.
  • Marketing and advertising firm executives and media personals engaged in a career with tourism
  • International and domestic airline managers, holiday destination business owners, tour operators and work staff
  • Environment protection officers, and in particular, coast conservation, forests and heritage protection institutions, waste disposal and congestion management organizations with respect to the tourism industry.
  • INGOs/NGOs staff executives
  • Research officers/Extension and field officers in specialized subject fields in tourism and related areas
  • National and other types of tourist guides
  • Prospective new entrants into different fields of the tourism industry