Sirimal Abeyratne

PhD (Free University, Amsterdam), MPhil and MA (International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague), Postgraduate Diploma and BA Honours (University of Colombo)

Professor in Economics, University of Colombo

Coordinator, MPhil/PhD in Economics

Contact Details
+94 11 215 8485 (office), +94 77 738 8855 (mobile)

Current Teachings
International Economics
Monetary Economics

Research Interests
Trade policies in developing countries
Growth and development policy issues
Macroeconomic policy issues
Economics of political conflicts in developing countries
Global economic crises and developing countries
Current research: Spatial Growth in Sri Lanka: Sharing Japanese Image



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2013: Trade and Spatial Growth: Sharing Images from Japan and Sri Lanka, Co-author: N.S. Cooray; A study funded by Japan Foundation and carried out at International University of Japan during Jan-2013 - Jan-2014.

2012: Regional Integration of Sri Lanka and its Roadmap Towards an Economic Union, Country Report on Promoting South Asian Regional Economic Cooperation undertaken for ADB, Kathmandu

2011: Employment Implications of the ‘Five-Hubs Strategy’ of Sri Lanka, Study undertaken as part of the National Employment Strategy of the Government of Sri Lanka for ILO, Colombo

2011: Sri Lanka Poverty Assessment: Background Paper for the Country Partnership Strategy 2012-2016, Study undertaken for ADB, Colombo

2009/2010: Economic and Social Impact of the Global Financial Crisis in Sri Lanka, Study undertaken for UNDP, Regional Centre for Asia and Pacific, Colombo

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