Chandana Aluthge

PhD (Amsterdam), MPhil(Maastricht) MA,BA Honours (Colombo)

Senior Lecturer

Contact Details
+94 11 215 8460

Current Teachings
Financial Markets
Money and Banking
Central Banking and Monetary Policy
Regulations of Financial Markets
Financial Econometrics
Research Method

Research Interests
Finance and Development
Financial Markets
Monetary Policy

  1. Financial sector Reforms in Sri Lanka: Some Reflections, (2001), Economic Review, Vol. 27, No.01-03, April/June, pp. 8-12
  1. Financial Liberalisation and Efficiency of the Financial System, (2001), Sri Lanka Economic Journal, Vol.2, No.1, New Series, June, pp. 1-34
  1. Budget 2003: An Economic Perspective, (2003), Polity (A journal of Peace, Democracy and Pluralism), Vol. 1, No. 1, Feb/March, pp.30-33 (Attachment 9).

Market Model: An alternative View, (forth coming in 2009).