W.D. Lakshman

Professor Emeritus

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+9411 2582666

Current Teachings
Development Theory
International Finance
Political Economy of Conflict


“Economic Growth and Re-distributive Justice as Policy Goals: A study of the Recent Experience of Sri Lanka”, Modern Ceylon Studies, 6 (1), January 1975, 64-87. (Reprinted in Prema-chandra Athukorala (Ed.) The Economic Development of South Asia, Vol. III, Cheltenham and Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing House, 2002, 556-579).

“The IMF-world Bank Intervention in Sri Lankan Economic Policy: Historical Trends and Patterns”, Social Scientist (New Delhi), Feb. 1985, pp. 3-29. Also in David Dunham and Charles Abeysekera (eds.) Essays on the Sri Lankan Economy, 1977-83, Social Scientists Association, 1987, pp. 54-95.

“State Policy in Sri Lanka and Its Impact 1970-85: Selected Themes with Special Reference to Distributive Implications of Policy”, Upanathi, Jan. 1986, pp. 5-36.