Athula Ranasinghe

PhD (Amsterdam), MA(Thammasat), DED, BA (Colombo)


Dean, Faculty of Arts

Contact Details
+94 71 537 1512

Current Teachings
Labour Economics
Economics of Education
Human Resources Management

Research Interests
Decent work conditions of Agency hired workers in Sri Lanka
Education Financing
Living Wage
Moonlighting (multiple jobs)
Education Policy


Refereed international journals

  1. Ranasinghe, A. (2013) Modelling with Data Deficiencies, Sri Lanka Journal of Economic Research, No 1, Vol. 1, pp. 143-166

  2. Herath H.M.T.S and Ranasinghe A. (2011) Labour Market Prospects for Business Graduates in Sri Lanka, International Journal of Social Science and Humanity, Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2011, pp. 26-30

  3. Ranasinghe, A. and Hartog, J. (2002) Free-education in Sri Lanka: does it eliminate the family effect?Economics of Education Review, Vol. 21, no 6, December, 2002

Book Chapters

Ranasinghe, A. (2012), Education and Economic Growth, in Issue of Development, ed. Prof. Herath Madana Bandara, University of Keleniya, Stanford Lake Publishers
  1. Ranasinghe, A. (2011) Responsibilities of Local Authorities on Delivery of Public Health services before and After Child Birth, Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governments
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Peer Reviewed Discussion Papers and Journals

  1. Ranasinghe, A. (2009), Social Equity & Local Government: Local Entrepreneurs Perspectives, Governance Journal Fifth edition (2008), Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governments.
  2. Ranasinghe, A. (2000) Variation of Education Enrolment: An Economic Perspective, Discussion Paper, UC-ISS Project, University of Colombo.
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Postgraduate Thesis

  1. Ranasinghe, A. (1999) A Pearl of Great Price: The Free Education System in Sri Lanka: Ph.D. Thesis, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of economics and Econometrics, Tinbergen Institute, The Netherlands
  2. Ranasinghe, A. (1989)  Remittance Behaviour and its Impact on Household Consumption Function: The Case of Sri Lankan Migrants to the Middle-East, Masters Thesis, faculty of economics, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Submissions

  1. Ranasinghe A. (2004) Advent of Information and Communication Technology and its Impacts on Decent Work: Project Funded by ILO, Bangkok
  2. Ranasinghe, A. (2007), Global Production Network and Decent Working Conditions: Case of Readymade Garment Industry in Sri Lanka, Research Commissioned by Decent work Research Group, ILO, Bangkok
  3. Ranasinghe, A. (2002) Regulatory Impediments and Transaction Costs of Enterprise, Development in Sri Lanka, Paper prepared for the Deregulation Conference Feb. 2002.
  4. Ranasinghe, A. (2010) Youth Employment in Sri Lanka: Challenge for Policy Makers, SPARC, University of Colombo
  5. Ranasinghe, A. (2010), Socio-economic Security of Women Employees in Sri Lanka: Survey Findings, ILO/SPARC.
  6. Ranasinghe, A (2007), Remittance Economy and Its Contribution to Poverty Alleviation in South Asia: A Case Study of Sri Lanka, seminar paper, Regional Seminar on “Labour Migration, Employment and Poverty Alleviation in South Asia”, Hotel Himalaya, Kathmandu, Nepal, August 9-10, 2007.

 Unpublished Research and Consultancy Work

Ranasinghe, A. and Pushpakumara, M. (2012) Living Wage for the RMG Sector Employees in Sri Lanka: A Fair Basis for Wage Bargaining for Garment Sector Employees in Sri Lanka, Free Trade Zones & General Services Employees’ Union (FTZ&GSEU)

Ranasinghe, A. (2012) International Financial Institutes and Labour Rights, International Solidarity Centre, Sri Lanka

Ranasinghe, A. (2011) Study on Requirements of Prospective Electricity Consumers and Fuel (electricity) Poverty & Affordability: Conducted by SPARC, University of Colombo for Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka