Students' Activities

Graduates' Symposium 2017

The Graduates’ Symposium of the Department of English Graduate was held on 10th July 2017. The event featured presentations based on BA dissertation research by students of the Department belonging to the two batches that most recently graduated. The event attracted many faculty and current students.

Recognising Linguistic Identities through Language Policy in Higher Education – Rebecca Surenthiraraj The Contact between Sinhala and English Orthography in Online Text Messages – Nimasha Malalasekera An Analysis of Learner Motivation in the Acquisition of English as a Second Language: A Study of the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo. – Swasha Fernando

Judicial Reasoning on Trial: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Legal Judgments on Rape Delivered by the Superior Courts of Sri Lanka between 1995-2013 – Sandani N. Y. Abeywardena Speaking Through the Silence: The Perception of Silence Surrounding the English Theatre of the Eighties during a Decade of Socio-Political Tension in Sri Lanka – Atarah Senn Translator − From a Shadow to a Blaze: A Theoretical Expedition on the Translator’s Agency and Visibility with a Case Study – Chamini Abesiriwardhane

The abstracts of the dissertations can be found here

The play Superman was written, directed, and staged by second and first year students of the Department of English in February 2016 at the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.

Graduate Mini-Conference - 2014

The inaugural Department of English Graduate Mini-Conference was held on the 26th of August 2014. The event featured paper presentations by the Department’s most recently graduated Honours (Special) Degree class based on their BA dissertation research.

The event attracted a large number of current students and is expected to become an annual feature of the Department’s calendar.

"Framing the Child: An Analysis of Textual Agenda in Selected Children’s Literature” – Nileptha Magallage A Discourse Analysis of Media Representations on Ethnic Identities During 1983 and 2013 – Safiya Cader Standards, Acceptance and Variation:Analysing Schneider’sDynamic Modelfrom a Sri Lankan Perspective – Thilini de Alwis Writing Nature, Writing Violence: An Analysis of the Representations of Nature and itsConnection with Violence in Romesh Gunesekera’sPrisoner of Paradise– Thakshala Tissera

Language Manipulation in the American Gun Debate: A Corpus Based CDA Study – Nadeera Wijegunawardena A critique of the English In-Service Teacher Training Programme at the Maharagama Teachers Training College – Isuri Kathriarachchi Fragmented Selves in Beckett’s plays – An exploration of Beckett’s thematic evocation of the self in Waiting for Godot, Endgame and Krapp’s Last Tape – Achala Dissanayake An Attitudinal Study on the Elocution Enterprise in the Current Sri Lankan Context:An Evaluation of its Function and Efficacy – Upeksha Jayasuriya A Study of the Attitudes towards the Humor Associated with Sri Lankan English as a Variety Based on the Youtube Videos of Jehanr – Tharushi Jayarathna

Sri Lanka Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies Conference - 2013

Final year Special Degree students of the Department of English volunteered at the 7th Sri Lanka Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies Conference (2013) held in Colombo recently. They are seen with Professor Walter Perera, Conference Chair.