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Policy on Changing Course Units and/or Subject Categories

In the first semester, students are given two whole weeks to make changes to their original selection of course units and/or subject categories.The Calendar of dates provides students with timelines and it is mandatory for students to act accordingly. Once the period has lapsed, changes of course unit(s) and/or subject(s) will not be possible.

In the second semester, students will be given one whole week to change their CUs.

Students should not change the CUs they have registered for without the approval of the Head of the Department concerned, the Dean/Arts and the IDC. If a student wants to select CU(s) from the second semester by dropping certain CU(s) selected for semester one, such requests should be made to the IDC within two weeks from the commencement of the academic year. Once that period is over no changes will be possible. Students are required to make all requests for such alterations in writing to the IDC.

Policy on Withdrawing Course Units and/or Subject Categories

Students can withdraw CU(s) from the end of semester examination due to valid reasons. Students who wish to do so should submit the request to the IDC with supporting documents two weeks before the semester final examination begins. Once withdrawn, all continuous evaluation results pertaining to the unit(s) will also become null and void (refer also FAQ 4 and 5).

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