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1.Can students who are exempted from the English Placement Test still select compulsory English foundation (FNDE) CUs?


2.Would it be possible to select English as a subject if the student has not offered English at the GCE A/L?

The answer is yes, but only students who are exempted at the English Placement Test are eligible to make this request. Such students also have to sit a competency test set by the Department of English before being admitted to the English subject stream. Students are advised to contact the Department of English for details.

3.Would it be possible to select a course unit that the student has not offered in the GCE A/L?

The answer is also “yes”. To encourage such students to offer a course such as Economics, Geography or Demography, the respective department has scheduled supplementary classes. Students with no prior background in such subject areas can attend these classes in addition to the usual three-hour sessions per week given in the master time table. Students are requested to contact the lecturer concerned or/and the Head of the Department for details.

4.Can a student withdraw a CUs after sitting the end of semester examination of that particular CUs?

When a student sits for the final semester examination, he/she has completed the whole process of evaluation assigned for the CUs in question. Therefore, it is not possible to withdraw a CUs and substitute it with another after the student has sat for the final semester examination.

5.Can a student withdraw from a CUs before the end of semester examination?

Students can make written requests to the Dean/Arts through the IDC to withdraw from a CU(s) from the final semester examination for valid reasons. Such requests should reach the IDC two (02) weeks before the commencement of the examination. The Faculty will carefully scrutinize these requests and will grant permission only for requests with valid reasons. Once a student withdraws the course unit, all continuous evaluation(s) completed for the course unit will also become null and void. The student has to go through the entire evaluation process associated with the new course unit when it is offered in subsequent semesters. Students can also request to offer a new course unit(s) in place of the withdrawn unit(s). All such requests should be sent to the Dean/ Arts in writing through the IDC.

6.Can a student select CUs ahead of time? Can s/he select CUs from a future academic year?

Students can only select CUs offered during the respective academic year, plus incomplete/repeat CUs if any from a previous year.

7.Can non-credit or audited course unit(s) with better grades be exchanged for credit course(s) with poor grades?

No. Non-credit and credit CUs are two different categories and students are required to maintain them separately throughout the degree programme.

8. Can students request for repeat end of Semester examinations?

The Faculty does not entertain repeat end of semester examinations. At the end of the first semester, final semester examinations are held only for course units offered during that semester. Therefore, if a student misses a final semester examination, he/she has to wait until the relevant course unit(s) is offered again.

9.Can students sit for the end of semester examination without completing the continuous assesments evaluations assigned for the unit(s)?

No. According to the Faculty’s By-Laws, it is mandatory to complete at least 50% of all continuous assesments assigned for the unit(s) for the student to be eligible to sit the end of semester examination. For example, in a case when there are two assessments assigned for a particular CU, students are required to complete at least one of the assessments to make them eligible for the end of semester examination of the CU in question. Those who sit for the end of semester examination without completing the minimum required number of assessments, (whether inadvertently or purposely) will be considered as repeat candidates. Students are strongly advised that it is not possible to make requests to complete continuous assesments after completing the end of semester examination without prior arrangements with the Department concerned.

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