The Department has its own reference library containing both classics in the combined disciplines of sociology, social anthropology, and psychology as well as selected local and overseas journals and magazines. Books include reports and ethnographies as well as theoretical tracts. Initially, the library was developed with assistance from the Netherlands University Fund for International Cooperation between 1980 and 1989. The Department Library is one of the few specialized libraries within the Faculty of Arts. Students also have access to a large collection of publications in the main University Library.

The Department’s Seminar Room with projection, computer and internet facilities are used for regular teaching at postgraduate level as well as for seminars and discussions organized by or sponsored by the Department.
The Department of Sociology has a newly constructed Auditorium with projection and computer facilities for the seminar series conducted by the Department. Room 295 is another seminar room used for screening films and discussions. A seminar room for special lectures, meetings and discussions organized by the Department of Sociology is also available.

The Visitors’ Office Space, located in close proximity to the Main Office of the Department is set aside for the exclusive use of visiting scholars. It serves as office space for two individuals at a time. Visitors can have access to the internet at the Computer Facility of the Department which is nearby.

The Department’s computer facility which is located in the main administrative floor of the Department has been setup to provide computer and internet facilities to staff members.

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