All members of the academic staff are actively engaged in research. They have many publications to their credit. The Department of Sociology is committed to theoretically strong, empirically grounded research and excels both in quantitative and qualitative research. We identify priority areas for research from time to time but individual academics are free to pursue research in their chosen fields.
Some of the priority areas of research of the Department are given below:

- Political Violence and Nationalism
- Globalization and its impact on society, culture and development
- Religion and Ritual
- Rural Development
- The Politics and Rhetoric of Development
- The City, Urban Space, Urbanity and their Socio-Cultural Dynamics
- Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism
- Gender Studies
- Society’s Interactions with the Natural Environment
- The Politics of Modernity and Post-Modernity
- Politics of Trauma and Memory
- Youth Studies
- Minorities and Society
- Health System Research
- Transformation of Family and Kin Structures
- Sociology of Migration
- Sociology of Education
- Cultural Studies
- Politics of Visual Culture

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