The Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the university was established in 2010 by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo in line with the advent of subject and institutional review process being launched in Sri Lanka by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council of The University Grants Commission.

Who are we?

The current committee consists of academics drawn from all faculties of the university. The composition is as follows:

  1. Prof. Manouri Senanayake  Dept. of Paediatrics    (Chairperson)
  2. Prof. Athula Ranasinghe  Dept. of Economics
  3. Prof. M. Karunanithy  Dept. of Social Sc. Education
  4. Dr. Nirmalee Pallewatta  Dept. of Zoology
  5. Dr. M.J.F. Fazeela Ahsan  Dept. of Marketing
  6. Ms. Malkanthi Abeyratne   Faculty of Law
  7. Mr. W.M. Pragnadarshana  Dept. of Science & Technology Education
  8. Mr. N.V. Karunasena  Dept. of Science & Technology Education
  9. Prof. Jennifer Perera  Dept. of Microbiology
  10. Prof. Rohan Jayasekera  Dept. of Anatomy
  11. Mr. G. Ranaweerage  Dept. of Accounting
  12. Dr. A.A.C. Abeysinghe  Dept. of Accounting
  13. Prof. Ramani Jayathilake  Dept. of Sociology
  14. Dr. Dushyanthi Mendis  Dept. of English
  15. Ms. Indira Nanayakkara  Faculty of Law
  16. Ms. S. Segarajasingham  Faculty of Law

What do we do?

The IQAU has a broad overview of quality assurance activities of the university, where implementation is carried out at individual faculty, department and unit levels. It acts as a platform where quality assurance in varied forms are discussed, analysed and exchanged between faculties and their representative levels. Further it makes recommendations for improvements in the QA process of the University of Colombo.

The members of the IQAU have been meeting regularly over the past two years and exchanging ideas as well as providing helpful advice to individual faculties on improving the quality of the teaching and learning experience within the University of Colombo.

Highlights of our work over the past year are:

  • Sharing of Good Practices- organising a series of presentations in 2011 from six faculties on the framework and activities on quality assurance. These were presented to an interfaculty audience comprising of Deans, heads of departments and members of the IQAU. This proved to be very interesting and useful and has led to a booklet titled : Sharing of Experience on Good Practices in Quality Assurance in University of Colombo -2011, containing  extracts of the presentations. This booklet has been distributed to Deans and members of the IQAU.
  • Proposed Framework for strengthening Internal QA at faculty level– The Faculty of Medicine has been applying a ‘Toolkit of Five Domains’  as a framework to analyse and improve their quality assurance activities. This framework which has proven to be simple but effective in application has been drawn interest from other faculties as it can be adapted to fit their requirements.  The faculties of Arts, Law, Science, Management and Finance and Education are in the process of improving their QA activities along similar lines.
  • Involvement of non-academic staff in quality assurance activities– As it was felt strongly by the members of the IQAU that non academic staff need to be involved, a decision was taken for the IQAU to interact with them in 2012 on a formal basis.
  • Liaising with SDC– The IQAU has had discussions with the Staff Development Centre( SDC)  on ways and means of SDC helping in QA activities. The IQAU requested the SDC to hold workshops for senior academic staff too in 2012.  Details are to be worked out in the near future.  It was also recommended that Director of the SDC should also be a member of the IQAU.
  • Development of a website– A website for the IQAU has been developed and is in the process of being launched with links to the University of Colombo website.
  • Meeting the newly appointed Head of QAA unit of UGC– The Committee has had a meeting with the newly appointed QA Consultant and Head of the QA&A unit of the UGC- Prof Kalyani Perera, chaired by The Vice Chancellor. On behalf of the IQAU ( UoC) the Chairperson presented the activities hitherto undertaken and the plans for the future. Prof Kalyani Perera  commended the University of Colombo for its QA activities and for the interest shown and progress made.
  • Preparing for the second cycle of external reviews by the QA and A of the University Grants Commission– All faculties were informed through the members of the committee of this coming cycle and of the need to prepare for it. The committee members were requested to report on activities that have been undertaken based on recommendations made by reviewers in the first cycle of External Review.